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Tree Services in Sandusky, OH

Depend on Erie and Huron County’s Tree Removal Experts

If you are looking for tree services in Sandusky, OH, Ohio Tree & Excavating has what homeowners and business owners need. Our company has professional arborists and tree removal experts in Berlin Heights, OH. We are highly qualified to handle jobs of all sizes. If you have low-hanging tree limbs, storm-damaged trees, or overgrown trees, they are a danger to your home or business. Ohio Tree & Excavating’s mission is to keep you and those who visit your property safe. Once we remove problem trees from your land, you can rest assured knowing that your home or business is safe.

Ohio Tree & Excavating is here to help with all tree and excavating needs. For free estimates on tree services from Ohio Tree & Excavating, contact us at (419) 577-2882.

Our Quality Tree Services Include:

Rely on Our Tree Trimming Specialists

If you have trees with low-hanging branches, then it is a good idea if you call us for tree trimming. Ohio Tree & Excavating is the leader in and around Sandusky, OH, in tree trimming and pruning. We have been proud to offer excellent services to our customers in the area for many years. Home and business owners turn to our team when the trees on their property urgently need trimmed or pruned. When trees are overgrown or are encroaching on buildings, our team can swiftly take care of the problem to ensure your safety.

We Offer Budget-Friendly Stump Grinding Services

Ohio Tree & Excavating offers budget-friendly stump grinding services. When you have a stump removed from your yard or commercial property, count on us. Our stump grinding services are efficient for all sizes of stumps. Stump grinding improves the appearance of your home or business and allows for new construction. It also adds safety and the prevention of property damage. Our dependable stump grinding experts will give you a free estimate on the cost of the project.

Contact us for tree services in Sandusky, OH, or the surrounding areas.