Stump Grinding
for the Huron, OH, Area

Quick Service for Nuisance Stump Removal in Huron, OH

After a tree is removed, the remaining stump can be a nuisance to anyone. At times, removing them can be a hassle and difficult. However, Ohio Tree & Excavating, in Berlin Heights, OH, can make that task easier with stump grinding. This method is a trusted and budget friendly solution to get rid of a problem stump near your home or commercial building. Our team has the right experience, knowledge and skill to efficiently and safely remove annoying tree stumps. For a free estimate on tree stump grinding services, contact Ohio Tree & Excavating at (419) 577-2882.

Keep Your Property Looking Great and Functioning at Its Best

Tree stumps can be an unpleasant sight for many, and it can be a nuisance as well. If you have an unwanted tree stump in your yard, lawn or other areas on your property, Ohio Tree & Excavating can remove it. Once a tree stump is removed, you can start on any construction or other project you always wanted to begin. Your yard will also be safer for those who use it. We offer budget friendly services for stump grinding to keep your home or commercial property looking great. Whatever your reason, our professionals provide the most efficient and dependable stump grinding services in the area!

Stump Grinding is Easier & Safer Than Excavating

Home and business owners looking to avoid damage on their property, can rely on stump grinding services from Ohio Tree & Excavating. You do have the option to excavate a stump, but the process is expensive and may cause damage to property near it. Afterwards, you are left with a large hole of up to six feet in the middle of your yard, which must be filled after the excavation process. Stump grinding, on the other hand, only leaves a small hole of about eight to ten inches, and is easier to fill in. Once we have completed grinding the stump, you also have the option to use the chips as mulch; our team will happily clean up and haul away any debris for an additional charge.

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