Tree Removal
for the Sandusky, OH, Area

Ohio Tree & Excavating Has the Tree Removal Expertise You Need

Our team has the right knowledge and skill needed for all types of tree removal. If your property is in need of tree removal services from Ohio Tree & Excavating in Berlin Heights, OH, we can get the job done efficiently. We can handle even the most complex tree removal jobs such as those near power lines, buildings and other areas that could be potentially dangerous.

Difficult tree removal is our specialty, and we have the experience you can depend on when you need it. From Sandusky, Vermilion, Huron, and other areas in Erie County, OH. Ohio Tree & Excavating is the best company for the most reliable tree removals available. Call our team today at (419) 577-2882 for a free estimate.

The Sandusky Area’s State-Certified Tree Specialist

Ohio Tree & Excavating is the tree specialist you can trust in the Sandusky, OH, area. Our team is made up of state-certified arborists with the vital experience, knowledge and skills required to removes trees efficiently and safely in any type of situation. You can have peace of mind even if the tree is close to a structure, telephone or electrical lines. Also ask us about our other tree services such as stump grinding, trimming and pruning.
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Skilled and Experienced Tree Removal Services for Sandusky, OH

Trees are a beautiful feature of many different types of properties in the Sandusky, OH, area. Sometimes trees can become a nuisance when they encroach on a house or commercial building. If they become too large for their surroundings, it can create a safety hazard to buildings and people who use your property. All it takes is a strong wind, heavy snow and ice to cause limbs to break.

In more serious cases a strong storm can knock entire trees down, which puts people and structures in danger. A fallen tree can cause someone to be seriously hurt, and can cause major damage to a car or house. Ohio Tree & Excavating can remove problem trees efficiently and safely. We are licensed and certified, and offer the best utility arborists to handle any limb or complete tree extraction.

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